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http://www.pliner.com/macminix/ MINIX that runs atop Mac OS. Benefits: while learning about operating systems, its easy to recompile and relaunch, with no rebooting; and to keep OS backups in separate files. Brad Pliner's MacMinix Page Latest versions: MacMinix: (Since 1995), PC MINIX: 2.0.2 (?) Please send new information to 'brad AT pliner DOT com' When I was in college, MacMinix was an indespensible tool for learning Operating System programming. MacMinix is a version of MINIX (A UNIX
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Professor, Free University, Amsterdam; author of MINIX Unix variant. Full source code. Free for all uses. Small size, microkernel, ample documentation. Users unfamiliar with OS internals can understand nearly the full system with a few months use and study. MINIX inspired Linus Torvalds to do Linux.

By Andrew S Tanenbaum, Albert S Woodhull; Prentice Hall, 2006, ISBN 0131429388. Revised simplified edition, for latest MINIX version. An OS text which first explains relevant principles, then demonstrate their use via Unix-like OS as a detailed example.

Part of the Computer Science Bibliography Collection of Alf-Christian Achilles.

Information on how to use and extend Minix 3, and run software on it; website server uses Minix; weblog format, many practical posts.

Repository for OS related: documentation, help, information, news, links, books, source code, downloads. Not the official MINIX website.

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