SCO Says Clause Bolsters Linux Claim

http://news.cnet.com/2100-1016_3-1013865.html Found contract clause may aid potential legal claims against Linux users; SCO said 1996 amendment to contract by which Novell sold many of its Unix assets appears to give SCO claim to some Unix copyrights. [CNET News.com] SCO Group discovers a clause in a contract that it says could bolster its potential legal claims against Linux users. A CNET article by Stephen Shankland, Staff Writer, CNET News. Published on June 5, 2003 8:55 PM PDT.
SCO says clause bolsters Linux claim SCO Group on Thursday discovered a clause in a contract that could bolster its potential legal claims against Linux users. The company said it has uncovered a 1996 amendment to the contract under which Novell sold many of its Unix assets--which appears to give
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T for Unix. They are referenced in digital documents but not seen on websites, because they are paper documents filed with court, not in the digital records. [Groklaw]

Novell has rebuffed SCO's claim to hold Unix copyrights and patents, claiming to hold them, and discloses SCO has been begging Novell for rights to IP that SCO claims it already has. [The Register]

Press Release: Defending its interests in developing services to run on Linux, Novell issues dual challenge to SCO on recent claims of Unix ownership and possible intellectual property rights claims for Linux. [Novell]

Novell upstages SCO earnings report. Another chapter in long ongoing saga between the 2 firms; how SCO and Novell came to be at odds over Linux; industry analysts give views on SCO v. Linux. [LinuxPlanet]

SCO claims to own Unix, but their annual report says SCO acts as administrative agent for Novell in collecting royalties. With forum comments. [LWN: Linux Weekly News]

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